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  • We are all about living with diabetes. We are supporting and giving to Spare a Rose again this year. For children around the world with type 1 diabetes, lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death. And in some areas of the world, most children with […]

  • Real Life. Mike Hoskins On Scare Tactics.

    Real Life. Mike Hoskins On Scare Tactics.

    I strongly remember my endo and diabetes team telling me horror stories about how I wasn’t allowed to drink, because if I did it would somehow lead to me not being in control of my diabetes management. Yes, it was a scare tactic used to “keep me in line,” but I wonder now that maybe it had the opposite effect and had some profound impact on shaping my views about drinking with diabetes when I was younger.

  • Real Life. “Can Rachel Still Drink?”

    Real Life. “Can Rachel Still Drink?”

    The answer is yes, as a person with diabetes I can drink alcohol. Like everyone else though, I need to drink responsibly. For me, as a person with diabetes, drinking responsibly has a few more elements: I never drink if my blood sugar is under 100, I don’t drink on an empty stomach, I don’t drink alone and I check my blood sugar frequently. If I choose to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, I’m usually in the company of my husband or my good friend, both of whom know how to check my blood sugar, identify strange behavior that might mean I’m low and what I need to treat a low blood sugar. It’s common sense for anyone to only drink around people who they trust.

  • Real Life. Anonymous Goes to the ER.

    Real Life. Anonymous Goes to the ER.

    I don’t believe being a diabetic prevents you from taking the risk of underage drinking which the majority of college students partake in. Everyone preaches to you don’t drink. I believe if you want to drink, drink but understand what can occur, and always be prepared.

  • Real Life: Russell Stamets On Quitting

    Real Life: Russell Stamets On Quitting

    Russell Stamets is a 52 year old author and digital publisher who used his 2009 diagnosis of Type 1 LADA as a catalyst to re-model his life. He took a less traveled road, refusing insulin. He designed a regimen for himself that kept his pancreas alive, contrary to all prognosis. His lean […]


About is a resource for young adult Type 1 diabetics and their support networks to help navigate interactions around alcohol. Alcohol is often an integral part of social life on college campuses and while all students face risks, there are a number of unique and serious ones specific to insulin-using diabetics. Learning how to navigate those risks and make informed decisions for themselves about the role alcohol plays in their lives.

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